Easter Bonnets - love them or dread them?

Amanda de Vaulx

Posted on April 01 2019

Easter Bonnets - love them or dread them?


Spring has sprung!

It’s that time of year again.  Some mothers dread it, while others look forward to some quality time getting creative with their little ones.  It's time to make the Easter Bonnets!

Personally, I fall into the latter category, as my daughter and I love crafting. With a design background, I guess it’s something I've engrained into her from an early age. I love researching and making, as well as working with colour and tactile elements. Add a glue gun and we are good to go!

This year wasn't so easy as I have returned to work. I realise that the quality time spent making the Easter bonnet can be a pressurised nightmare for some, involving time restraints, multiple children requiring bonnets, or simply the feeling that you don’t have the ‘creative flair’ - whatever that is!

I am so appreciative of the network of mums that I have growing around me, and how supportive they have all been on my decision to return to work. The juggle is real and constant, and some days I couldn’t cope without them.  With this in mind, I decided to help a couple fellow mums with their kids' Easter bonnets. A double play date after school, a trip to Poundland and a glue gun - it's that simple, right?

Let’s just say it was a crazy couple of hours attempting to manage the time and the children's expectations, with the pressure to help them create something they were truly happy with! In reality we had half an hour per bonnet. I feel one was more successful than the other and in the end, that it’s not that simple!

So here are some tips that I shall bear in mind for next year:
1 - Don’t organise a double play date.  One-on-one is best in order to focus the attention, both theirs and mine!
2 - Step away from the ease of buying a standard hat. The bonnets are visually more exciting when breaking free from this.
3 - Work out a plan with each child to find out exactly what they want. This will help manage their expectations.
4 - Don’t rush them, it’s supposed to be a fun activity. (and don't forget THEY are technically the ones who are supposed to make them...)
5 - If all else fails organise a mums night out to relieve the stress!

Happy Easter!

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