Spotlight on Women in Science

Amanda de Vaulx

Posted on February 18 2019

Spotlight on Women in Science
In February every year, UNESCO celebrates The International Day of Women and Girls in Science, which was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly to promote full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls. This celebration reminds us that women and girls play a critical role in science and technology, and we need to strengthen and encourage their participation! Currently, less than 30% of researchers in Science are women.
At MyTwirl we love meeting strong female role models for our little girls and recently we caught up with Guillemette Picard,  a 43 year old French woman, who has been at the forefront of new technologies since she was a student.  Her career has brought her from Paris to Germany and the US and we were grateful that she took the time to tell us more about her journey!  Currently she is the Chief Customer Officer of Nabla Technologies, empowering people and businesses with machine intelligence.
When did you know you wanted to get into science/engineering?
I have always been a technical person and have been fascinated by how I can develop new technologies for daily use, although I wasn't sure in exactly which field. I was fortunate to be accepted into the best engineering school in France (École Polytecnique) and then continued my studies in the UK and US, where I completed a PhD in Statistical Physics on the Flow of Foams. I'm always curious and researching about future technologies, and am especially interested now in what can be done with current advances in Artificial Intelligence.
What is your most interesting job to date?
I have had so many cool jobs! The one thing that excites me most about what I am doing now is to be at the forefront of research in seeking the application of new algorithms. Very soon, we will be able to try clothes on online... see a blue dress you like, and virtually try it on, move and test its twirl.... 
Do you find it challenging to be a woman in your field?
Yes and no. It is indeed a field where men are over represented. So I have had to impose myself, as all women do in similar fields. With the advances in Artificial Intelligence, "tech has become the new cool", so more women should come and join us. There is so much that can be done in any area of interest to you!
What inspires you?
People. In the end, it is all that matters, the people you work with and what you create with them. 
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I love spending a night in a tent in the middle of nowhere after a challenging day of hiking, pizza on a sofa in front of a TV show, and integrating new technologies in our day to day lives. 

Thank you, Guillemette for helping pave the way for our brilliant girl scientists of the future!  
Let's encourage our girls' curiosity and expose them to the many science and coding programs available them. Since relocating to the US, I've been impressed with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) programs available for my children in and out of school- and was thrilled that my 8 year old daughter chose coding as her after school club!  Comment below and share what activities your children enjoy!

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