About MyTwirl 

MyTwirl is a London designer brand passionate about creating gorgeous twirling dresses for girls aged 3-12.

Like most mothers of girls, I lived through the ‘twirly phase’ with my two daughters trying on every dress until they found the perfect twirl and refused to wear anything else.  I established MyTwirl in 2016 to create stylish and versatile ‘playground to party’ dresses with that essential twirl factor! I wanted my daughters to feel happy, confident and free to twirl and express that beautiful energy inside…and I wanted it to be in a dress that I loved too and was confident could withstand the 'favourite dress' title (and the constant wear and washing that comes with that honour!).

Creating gorgeous dresses that last and bring joy is the cornerstone of our brand.  The amazing twirl in every MyTwirl dress is created with clever design and premium, machine washable fabrics.  Our European makers are talented artisans that take immense pride in their creations and share our passion for uncompromised quality.  And of course my daughters continue to put each dress through rigorous twirl testing! 

I hope you enjoy discovering MyTwirl and the simple joy that a twirl can bring to girls and those around them!

Lisa Colombera,

MyTwirl Founder


Telephone: +44 (0) 7771628672

Email: info@mytwirl.co.uk

VAT No: 235 7442 05

Registered Company Name: My Twirl Limited

Registered Company Number: 09983191

Registered in England & Wales