5 activities to help kids build confidence

Lisa Colombera

Posted on November 18 2021

5 activities to help kids build confidence


Some children seem to be born bursting with confidence and seem to not be fazed by anything, for others it doesn’t come naturally - they can find it difficult to think positively, and viewing themselves as capable can be a tough task.

The words we use and the mindset we instill in our children can really help their self-esteem and can be really effective in building confidence - which can directly impact their happiness and health. When we practice these things our children are better able to deal with responsibility, challenges and frustrations.

If you’re looking for some ways to build your child's self-esteem, here’s 5 fun ways to help to build their confidence…. 


Create a positivity list

Sit down with your child and together write or draw about their strengths; focusing on their positives can go a long way towards empowerment. 

If they find this a bit of a struggle, play “That’s what I like about you” during dinner or family time - go around the table saying one nice thing about each other.


Use positive affirmations

Words of encouragement can become a ritual within your family and will lead to positive self-talk over time - phrases like ‘you are loved’ or ‘you are safe’ can become second-nature. 

This will help reaffirm to your child that they are secure and treasured, which is always going to lead to a greater sense of self-esteem.


Make a goal plan

Setting attainable goals with your child can really help them have a sense of achievement. Talk about practical, manageable steps to help them reach their goal, and encourage them along the way, celebrating their progress will boost their confidence. 

Playing a cooperative board game where players work together rather than against one another is great for bonding and teaches important skills of working together to achieve a goal. 


Get creative

Invite your child to make whatever they like out of materials found around the home or get creative with some artwork. Stuck for ideas? How about raiding the cardboard recycling box or finding leaves in the garden?

The ability to think creatively, make mistakes and produce something is a massive confidence booster. The fact that there is no wrong answer when you’re getting creative means kids feel empowered by these activities. 

Displaying anything produced by your child on the wall or fridge will also make them feel proud of themselves.


Practice being present and kind

Learning to practice mindfulness and reflection along with self-love is super important for our kids. Why not start practising yoga with them, this exercise can increase endorphins and create feelings of happiness and well-being for you both. You’ll find lots of child-friendly yoga ideas online.

Being mindful when it comes to kindness, such as helping a friend at school or volunteering at a local event is a great conversation to have with kids. Teaching children the value of doing good for others, as well as how it makes them feel good about themselves, can help them grow into kind and considerate adults.


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