6 Simple JOY Boosters for Children’s Mental Health Week.

Lisa Colombera

Posted on February 05 2021

6 Simple JOY Boosters for Children’s Mental Health Week.


Children's mental health week has been a great opportunity to focus on the importance of bringing joy to our children’s lives.  In these tricky times it’s essential we focus on some easy wins to boost the joy in our homes.  Here are 6 simple JOY boosters you can apply straight away.

1.   Find your own inner joy!
This may sound simple but we all know it’s extra hard at the moment, as parents face the impossible tasks of childcare, housekeeping, homeschooling and working all at the same time and without any respite. But it’s a fact that our children learn which attitudes and viewpoints are important in life by watching how their parents react.  Therefore it’s essential that you do something every day that makes you happy and helps you stay calm and joyful, whether that’s going for a run or finding a quiet place to read for 15 minutes. You can also let go the guilt in the knowledge that you are doing this for your children’s mental health!
2.   Cuddle!
Hug your kids whenever you get the chance and for as long as they will let you! It’s a scientific fact that physical contact is essential to human mental health no matter how old you are.  My teenage twirly girl is not too fond of this tactic these days, but although she resists at first she always gives in to the love after a few seconds :)

3.   Smile!

Did you know that smiling is infectious? Yes – this is something you can feel good about spreading. It’s very difficult to stop yourself from smiling when someone is in front of you with a grin from ear to ear. Try this experiment – walk around your home with a huge smile on your face and make sure you visit every other person in your home and look them in the eye while smiling as big and bright as you possibly can.  The mood of the household will be lifted immediately – it’s pure magic!

4.   Sing!

Put on some joyful music and sing your heart out with your kids. Music is food for the soul and a natural joy booster.  The current favourite in our house is Bob Marley’s '3 Little Birds'.  My 6 year old knows all the words and is now a true believer that ‘every little thing gonna be alright’ :)

5.   Discover!

Help your child discover a new passion or skill. A sense of achievement is an important source of joy for all humans and especially children. Lockdown is a great time to introduce kids to something new that they may enjoy and find rewarding.  A new game they can play together is a good idea.  I have been teaching my kids backgammon during lock down, to my detriment as I have now been defeated many times!  Baking is also a great rewarding skill.  There are a number of subscription cooking kits that take all the thought and effort off your plate and are easy and fun for the kids.  Try Little Cooks at littlecooks.co.uk.

6.  TWIRL!

It was discovering the simple joy a twirl can bring to girls and those around them that inspired the creation of MyTwirl.  Dancing and twirling go hand in hand, so why not try a Family disco night. It’s a great way to reconnect and break up the monotony of lockdown.   

Wishing all children much JOY, HEALTH & HAPPINESS 💕



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