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Amanda de Vaulx

Posted on November 16 2016

The Art Room UK learning and achieving through art

Earlier this year, I was invited to visit The Art Room, a charity which offers art as therapy to children and young people to raise their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence.  A member of their staff took me through their nurturing and creative space, as she explained their methodology and most importantly shared difficult yet heart-warming stories of children who have been positively impacted by the extraordinary work that they do. 

"Many of the children who come to The Art Room are disengaged from mainstream education, disruptive or withdrawn and all have been identified as needing special time away from their classrooms. The problems students might have include experiencing numerous educational interruptions or having specific learning difficulties or autism spectrum disorders. Some have recently arrived in this country, others are prime carers within their family, or are ‘looked-after’ children in the care system. Some might just need a respite from the pressures of mainstream education."

The Art Room has demonstrated that in a caring and creative environment the most challenging children can ‘learn and achieve through art’. 

MyTwirl is proud to support the Art Room and the children that they help through Design MyTwirl.  As the special little girl in your life expresses her creativity and individuality through her bespoke dress, she will also be helping another child "learn and achieve through art".  A percentage of all profits from Design MyTwirl will be donated to the The Art Room.

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