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Amanda de Vaulx

Posted on September 12 2016

MyTwirl Lily Navy glitter sparkle jersey dress for girls

There are endless ideas for great new products... and we certainly thought we had one when we created MyTwirl, playground-to-party dresses with a perfect twirl.  But "the proof is in the pudding", as they say.  Or in our case, the proof was in the girls' reactions.

Early on, we approached my mother, Celeste, to be our Designer. Celeste launched the Calvin Klein childrenswear collection when I was just a toddler, and and with 30 years of experience as a fashion designer, she was the natural choice.  Not to mention she has a daughter and granddaughter who only want to wear dresses.  She worked nonstop until she came up with the best twirl of them all. The first MyTwirl prototype was overnighted from New York to London for her muse, my 6 year old daughter Isabelle, to try on.

First MyTwirl twirling party dress prototype in pink sequins with floral print full circle skirt

The dress went on.  I told her to spin.  She twirled 2 times, jaw dropped, she gasped and jumped on to the sofa with a big "I LOVE IT!"  

At that moment I knew we had to move ahead with MyTwirl.

Months went into finding the right fabrics, designs and making first samples.  When they arrived, I invited a few of Isabelle's friends to try on some dresses and see what they thought, and the reactions got better and better...

Alice, age 6: Twirled.  Turned bright red and literally fell over from the excitement.

Amelia, age 7: Met my mum and exclaimed "You must be a GENIUS".

Lily, age 9: Wasn't into wearing dresses any more, until she twirled in her bespoke Design MyTwirl dress, and now she won't take it off!

The reactions of these sweet little girls have been priceless, and their excitement contagious.  They had found their twirl, their very own twirl, MyTwirl.

If you want to hear more kind words directly from our customers, click here.


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