Pyjamas and Pancakes - YAY!

Amanda de Vaulx

Posted on July 26 2017

Pyjamas and Pancakes - YAY!

One of the perks of summer holidays is that I can let my kids stay in pyjamas for a good part of the day (read: I stay in my pyjamas for a good part of the day).

One of the downfalls is finding things to do with the kids on a rainy day like today.  Fortunately, my little ones love to help me cook, and I love to eat, so it’s a match made in summer holiday heaven! 

Fulfilling our American family in London cliché, the kids often ask to make good old fashioned American-style pancakes.  One of the quickest and best recipes I’ve found (using ingredients easily found in the UK) is by Nigella:

Nigella's American pancakes

In minutes, you’ll have a basic yet delicious treat to be topped with anything you like!  We are pancake purists in our house and go for the maple syrup.  But when I’m feeling fancy, I’ll make some whipped cream in my Whipped Cream Dispenser (also entertaining in itself), topped with strawberries, powdered sugar, caramelised banana...although not necessarily on the same plate!

Ironically, our Australian co-founder, Lisa, is MyTwirl’s resident pancake aficionado.  Along with our summer intern, they took on the painstaking job of tasting the best pancakes in SW London to inspire you (and perhaps get you to put the frying pan away, get out your pyjamas and get to one of these cafes!)

20 Bedford Hill, London SW12 9RG
020 8772 9085

MILK in Balham serves mind-blowing buckwheat pancakes every weekend, with recipes changing weekly to feature fresh, seasonal products. We love them for their creative flavour combinations, which are always suprising AND delicious!

        Mango Pancakes at Milk Balham       cherry macadamia pancakes at milk balham      

Pictured: Mango pandan cream with macadamia crunch and Cherry coffee cream with honeycomb

115 St John's Hill, London SW11 1SZ
020 7998 3303

The cozy, Nordic décor at Story Coffee will welcome you as you sit down to a healthy twist on pancakes: Quinoa with ricotta whipped cream, toasted apple, coconut chips and pine honey.  (Ok, maybe if you just read the words “quinoa” “apple” and “coconut” you’ll agree with the healthy comment)

quinoa ricotta pancakes at story coffee

We love the idea of quinoa pancakes for that added nutritional factor – I'm certain that could qualify as kids’ dinner?  And the perfect sweet & sour balance will bring you back for more.

The Breakfast Club
5-9 Battersea Rise, London SW11 1HG
020 7078 9630

As the name suggests, they know Breakfast Pancakes.  The most traditional option in today's selection, a side order will arrive as a mountain of pancakes with vanilla cream and berries on top, smothered with maple syrup. Bring your appetite (and your elastic waistband)!

American pancakes at the breakfast club



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