Free Summer Family Fun in South London

Lisa Colombera

Posted on August 20 2018

Free Summer Family Fun in South London


As we role into the final weeks of school holidays and holiday activity inspiration and funds are dwindling, my favourite free South London gems always save the day!  By week 6 of school holidays working from home in London with 3 children ranging from toddler to pre-teen can be challenging for all.  Breaking up the days at home with some excitement and exercise is always the winning combination to revive family harmony!

Jump through Appearing Rooms on the Southbank:

Dress the kids with their swimsuits under their clothes (don’t forget to pack their underwear for later!) and hop on the train or bus to Waterloo.  Walk down to the Southbank and out the front of the Royal Festival Hall on the Riverside Terrace, Level 2, you will find a unique fountain with walls of water that appear and disappear all day long.  The kids will have a blast jumping in and and out of the fountain trying to judge when the walls are going to appear. Misjudgements are the most fun, so make sure you bring towels!  The fountain is conveniently located next to the Riverside Bar and Café with yummy treats for all.  Once bellies are full keep the free fun going with a stroll along the riverside to catch the amazing street performers.’s-appearing-rooms-fountain-2018

Wade through Beverley Brook in Wimbeldon Common

Head into Wimbledon Common down Windmill Drive (SW19 5NQ) park the car and discover secret woods, lakes and the beautiful Beverley Brook. This is the perfect place for a family walk no matter what the weather, as the woods offer plenty of shelter from the sun or light drizzle and lots of opportunity for den building.  On a hot day head straight to Beverley Brook and trade in the walk for a wade.  Bring rock shoes and swimsuits for kids. On return to the car park the Windmill tea rooms offer many delicious delights for hungry travellers   For serious walkers you can find the full 6.5 mile Beverley Brook walk here

Walk, Climb, Ride, Row or Peddle your way through Battersea Park

Battersea Park is a South West London treasure.  It’s beautiful gardens and location along the Thames is trumped by the endless activities for families. My children can’t get enough of the adventure playground with huge crazy slides and zipwire.  The climbing structures, slides and high climbing nets present unusual challenges for children aged 5+, and there’s a separate area for younger kids too. Next to the playground you can pay to participate in a great Go-Ape course or mini golf.  Head across the park and admire the gardens and feed the ducks along the way to the boating lake, where you can paddle or row your way around for a fee. The new Pear Tree café on the lake is an absolute delight offering a wonderful menu and outdoor bar During summer they are open for dinner on Wednesdays with a great kids menu and free jazz by the lake.  Also through summer there is a funfair with happy hour between 12-1 when rides are only just £1!  Of course we can’t forget that the park also boasts a great family-run zoo, complete with lemurs, meerkats and its own adventure playground.

And of course if your little one decides to doodle on a rainy day at home, save those treasured drawings and perhaps consider a Design MyTwirl dress for her holiday or birthday gift!  If she has a favourite doll, we offer a matching doll's dress as well.  Then you've manage to sort gifts and activities all in one rainy day!

Hang in there, only a couple of weeks left... I'm still trying to enjoy the later mornings, and lack of schedule until the hectic school year starts again!


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