Time to Get Busy with the Important Things in Life!

Lisa Colombera

Posted on March 21 2020

Time to Get Busy with the Important Things in Life!

I have 2 twirly girls – my daughters who inspired me to start MyTwirl.  My eldest twirly girl is now 12 and a month ago it dawned on me (a very dark and heavy dawning!) that the days when the most complicated thing in her life was trying to find the most twirly dress had well and truly passed.  She often got to the end of the week stressed and exhausted from homework, tests, music rehearsals, drama rehearsals, clubs, sports training – the list was endless.  It was a constant puzzle trying to fit the pieces of her weekly schedule together and the weekends were no better.  When I stopped and thought about it, it made me really sad, as my memories at her age were of afternoons and weekends riding my bike and playing at the park or beach.  Then the other day I heard some music coming from her room, I knocked and opened the door to find my gorgeous ‘little’ 12 year old twirly girl squeezed into her favourite Milly dress size 10 (it is now definitely too small, but she still loves it and refuses to let it go!) twirling her heart out in her bedroom to her favourite tunes.  I closed the door before she saw me, to let her have her moment of pure freedom and joy all to herself.  It gave me immense hope that she was still finding time to enjoy the simple things in life and decided that it was my job to make sure there was always room in my childrens’ schedule for this.   So I added ‘twirling time’ to our weekly schedule to make sure the important things in life didn’t get missed.  It didn’t have to be time for twirling – it could be used for any other important activity, like slaying dragons and chasing rainbows!  It appears that we will all now have more ‘twirling time’ available to us than we could ever have imagined.  So let’s make sure we make the most of this precious gift of time and encourage our children to Dance with Fairies, Ride on Unicorns, Swim with Mermaids and Twirl their hearts out :)

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