Everything you need to know about Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids

Lisa Colombera

Posted on May 31 2022

Everything you need to know about Flower Girls and Junior Bridesmaids

With warmer weather and the flowers in full bloom, we’re now entering the wonderful summer wedding season. We love a wedding, and it’s magical to see our special occasion twirling dresses at someone’s special day

If your little one has been asked to be part of the wedding party, here’s everything you need to know about being a flower girl or junior bridesmaid...

What is a Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid?

The difference between a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid is their age; a flower girl typically is around 4-9yrs and a junior bridesmaid will be around 9yrs+ . A junior bridesmaid is the perfect role for a girl that is too young to be a bridesmaid, but too old to be a flower girl. 

A flower girl walks down the aisle and is sometimes present during dress shopping. If there are any rehearsals before the big day it can be a good idea to take them along to get more used to being at the venue, especially if they’re really young.

As the junior bridesmaid is slightly older, they can also be involved in planning little tasks like assembling favours and wedding cake sampling.

What can their duties be on the day?

A flower girl will walk down the aisle at the front of the procession, usually carrying a basket of petals to toss or a small bouquet. 

A junior bridesmaid will walk down the aisle with the other bridesmaids, she will usually be a bit ahead of them, but behind the flower girl. Sometimes they can walk down with one of the groomsmen or just by themselves.

The flower girl will usually join her parents after walking down the aisle and at dinner.

A junior bridesmaid will often prefer to stay with the bride and the other bridesmaids during the ceremony, and they will probably get asked where they would like to sit during dinner. She will probably be most comfortable sitting with her parents, but she might enjoy sitting next to other older children if there are any.


What are good dress options for flower girls or junior bridesmaids?

A flower girl tends to wear whatever style dress the bride chooses, usually some sort of party dress. It is often a white dress, but can sometimes include a coloured sash that matches the bridesmaids dresses. Their dress is sometimes a colour that goes well with the bridesmaids dresses.

A junior bridesmaid will wear a dress similar to the other bridesmaids, but in an age-appropriate style. This could be in a matching or complementary colour, or slightly different to set her apart. She will normally carry a bouquet that is smaller than the bridesmaids, but coordinates with theirs.


MyTwirl special occasion dresses

Here at MyTwirl we have a wonderful selection of special occasion dresses for a flower girl or junior bridesmaid. Our gorgeous dresses will keep her smiling all day -  just say ‘twirl’ and her bright smile will shine through.  All MyTwirl dresses are also machine washable so she can wear it again and again!  Our classic twirling dresses are suitable for a wide range of different wedding styles.  Some options you may like to consider include…

Our Ella White Lace Dress in smooth cotton satin, overlayed with soft lace with large spot detail is a really elegant choice, this dress is also available in sapphire blue with our Ella Blue Dress.

Or our beautiful Abigail White Dress is the perfect flower girl dress with soft flowing, sheer crepe, embroidered with delicate white flowers and fully lined with Egyptian cotton.

Our Phoebe Dress is an Ivory girls dress in sheer organdy with satin dotted stripes and is also fully lined with Egyptian cotton - this is such an elegant dress.

The Lorelie Pink Dress incorporates a luxurious fully lined cotton velvet bodice in antique rose, with a gold sparkle woven underskirt overlayed with a soft white lace with large spot detail. This dress is a lovely way of adding a little colour but still sticking to the traditional white, and is also available in blue as our Lorelie Blue Dress.

If you’re looking for a touch of silver and sparkle, our Elisabeth Dress has a luxurious wedgwood blue cotton velvet bodice with a sheer sparkle black and silver 'herringbone' tulle overlay.  Fully lined in fine blue cotton with an invisible zip, the grey metallic waistband and bow detail adds that special touch for when they twirl on your wedding day.

Being a flower girl or junior bridesmaid is a very special time for your little one, and no doubt you’ll feel incredibly proud of them on the big day. Finding a comfortable, pretty dress that makes them feel wonderful will ensure you all have a relaxed and enjoyable day.


Visit our website to explore all our beautiful girl's dresses and find the perfect special occasion dress for your little one.

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