Does this come in MY size?

Amanda de Vaulx

Posted on February 01 2017

Does this come in MY size?

Many have asked if we make twirly dresses for women...and for now the answer is no, but never say never! However, we are adding a size 10 to the next collection and Design MyTwirl bespoke dresses.

We had assumed that older girls would be out of their twirly dress phase and would already be moving into a more teen/sophisticated/fitted/shorter look.  But I'm happy to report that we were wrong!  We are getting requests from girls well into their teens for dresses.  

I was inspired to write this post when a very fashion-conscious, "older" 10 year old tried on one of our dresses.  She walked out, a little shy at first, gave me the sweetest grin and did a little spin. "Oh, I love it!"  Her eyes lit up.  She looked absolutely gorgeous as if she were glowing from the inside.

Behind the tousled hair and the iPhone, there was a carefree little girl inside, and somehow the dress seemed to bring that out in her.  It was like when Cinderella magically twirls into her gown for the ball.  I know I'm not a Fairy Godmother or anything, but I was a little Cinderella obsessed as a child. (Hence the embarrassing ultra-90s photo)

Seeing the "magical twirl" bring out the sweet playfulness and wonder in girls has taught me a very valuable lesson.  Our kids are growing up so quickly, certainly much faster than I did in the 80s.  School exams, social media, technology, access to information and even pressure from us parents to always be their best is possibly pushing our kids into their teenage years far before we had arrived there.  

I want my children to know, and I want to find new ways to show them, that there is so much joy and wonder in being little, and it's ok to stay that way for a while longer.  I used to think my mum was nuts, still playing Santa when I was in college and making me pose in front of Cinderella's Castle at 17.  But looking back it was a gift.  By keeping the magic alive, it let me be that carefree little girl for just a while longer. 

Cliché as it may sound, it actually warms my heart to see, that in some small way, MyTwirl is helping slow down the race to the teenage years.  I love that girls of all ages still want to get dressed up in a modest, beautiful, classically styled dress with a perfectly twirly skirt!

Now get your daughter in her MyTwirl dress, throw on those wellies, and go jumping in some muddy puddles.  They're all machine washable ;)

Please share your ideas on how you #letthembelittle !

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  • Becca : February 01, 2017

    I want to see the 90s photo!

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