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Cassie Purple Melange Jersey Pull On Twirl Dress with Mesh Skirt | MyTwirl

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Bought this for her 5th birthday She has always wanted a twirly dress She loves it !!

Just Gorgeous

In a world of Amazon and quick, cheap clothes, I think we’ve almost forgotten what quality feels like.... well it feels like this!! My daughter absolutely loves this dress and almost refuses to wear anything else! But more than that... I love it. You can feel from the fabric and when you look at the craftsmanship at the seam, that someone really cared when they designed it and it feels almost like a memory as much as a dress: a memory of when my daughter loved princesses and loved to twirl. That time will pass quickly I know, so I’m glad she’s doing it in the very best whilst it lasts! Thank you! Xx

Gorgeous dress, super quality

You know what it feels like when your child eats your cooking , well giving this dress to my 3 year old grand daughter is 100 times better. She LOVES it . She pretends she is a princess , she twirls , ( and twirls and twirls ) she thinks she IS Disney’s Sophia ( lilac colour way ) . She wants to wear it every day , she puts on as apron if she eats anything. It is the very best thing that has happened during these weeks of lockdown. ( this dress and the sunshine !) Thank you My Twirl . Wonderful quality, beautifully made , fabulous design.