The Big Draw Festival: Draw your Dress!

Lisa Colombera

Posted on October 07 2019

The Big Draw Festival: Draw your Dress!

(Photo courtesy of Deborah Brett and @analuiphotography)

The World’s biggest celebration of drawing is happening this month across 25 countries!  Now is the perfect time to get in touch with your creative side and spend some time doodling with the little ones. Spanning 20 years, The Big Draw Festival has encouraged over four million people back to the drawing board and holds two world records – for the longest drawing in the world (one kilometre) and the greatest number of people drawing simultaneously (over 7,000). 

While we don’t recommend drawing for over a kilometre, you can visit to search events by date, location and age.

Our top pick in London is Family Day: Swarm mini-banner workshop with Hannah Ford on 13 October at the Vestry House Museum. Create statement art in the form of a mini-banner using reclaimed fabric.

Apple have also got on the drawing board globally with Today at Apple hands-on sessions including Draw Your Own Emoji art lab for kids. Go to to find an Apple session in your town.

There are unlimited benefits of drawing for us all: improving creativity, communication and emotional wellbeing.  But how can drawing benefit the Global Community?

Turn ideas into reality

Help us to see clarity and from different perspectives

Enables us to communicate in a universal language


Breaks down cultural and generational barriers

Improves our health and wellbeing

Generates innovation within the creative industries


Develops visual literacy in an increasingly visual world

Reinforces connections between all subjects and disciplines

Awakens our creative potential

Widens everyone’s capacity to understand, communicate and innovate.

MyTwirl is supporting the Big Draw Festival by offering customers a complimentary matching dolls dress for every Design MyTwirl dress or Design MyTwirl gift voucher purchased in the month of October. A proportion of the proceeds from each purchase will donated to The Art Room charity, supporting children through Art Therapy.  Go to start designing your one-of-a-kind keepsake dress.  This is what little girls dreams are made of, so let’s get them drawing! 

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