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Posted on November 09 2018




While I'm still nibbling on Halloween candy and planning my Thanksgiving Day menu (bourbon-spiked pumpkin pie anyone?), I feel the looming pressure of Christmas shopping.

In my head, it should be this festive wonderful experience... drinking eggnog and skipping down a road bedazzled with lights, to the sounds of Bing Crosby, while holding my shopping bags full of the perfect gifts for family and friends. But the reality is more like me agonizing over express shipping online at the 11th hour because I couldn't find THAT "Beanie Boo" and I want to keep the magic alive!  

Exhibiting at Holiday Pop-Up Boutiques has been a godsend for me.  I can quickly browse unique vendors all lined up in a row offering products I wouldn't find elsewhere, often inspiring gifts that I never would have thought of!  

We recently spent the week at Spirit of Christmas, held at Olympia London, where you can make a day - or a week! - of the UK's largest shopping event.  We wanted to share some of our favorites from this year's show with our #sevendaysofspirit posts on Instagram Stories.  Here's the round-up in case you missed it:

Plaid Tidingsplaidtidings.co.uk

Nostalgic children's fabric gifts, handquilted baby mats and more!

Jan Constantine / janconstantine.com

Hand embroidered heirlooms of the future

Sophie's Ribbons / sophiesribbons.com

Adorable and stylish ribbons, tags and paper for all of your gift wrapping needs

Wicklewood / wicklewood.com

Ethically sourced colourful bedding, throws, cushions and decorative accents crafted by artisans from around the world!

Rock & Ruddle / rockandruddle.co.uk

Natural bristle hairbrushes that can be personalised!

Memories of Growing up / memoriesofgrowingup.com

Grandma sorted! Memories stick, Memories jewellery and portable talltape to mark those special moments and milestones and share them with loved ones

Design MyTwirl

Transform her original artwork into this bespoke dress, with the option to include a matching doll's dress. Custom-printed on our luxurious cotton satin fabric and hand made in London.  It's a gift that dreams are made of.

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